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New Wish 5mW Genuine Green Laser Pen (One CR2 Battery)
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Product Description

SpecificationsDimensions: 4.13 in x 0.94 in x 0.94 in
Weight: 9.35 oz


Pros: Price is excellent. Build quality and push button is excellent. Solid and feels great in the hand. Great price.

Cons: Mine is just bad with performance. Turn it on and its half the brightness of any 5mw I've ever had (I have several). Worse yet, a second or two after turning it on it dims to less than my cheapy <1mw red laser pointer! I'm sure I just got a bad one and this is not the majority.

Other Thoughts: Pot moddable? Yeah, right! I read a post on this model that said the pot didn't do anything for them. I turn my pot every which direction with no effect of any kind! Its as if the pot has been disabled or bypassed!

Bottomline: If you get one that works properly at anywhere close to 5mw its a great hand held laser. Know what's lame? Its one of the only lasers that's designed to easily take apart to reach the pot and the bloody pot is not moddable! WTF?

Pros: its green, bright, and has a pot on it so if you know what your doing could be pot modded easily, it cam in a nice sturdy box, battery still had a ful charge when i receved it. the laser felt sturdy but the on off switch dosent feel sturdy but it works.

Cons: the on and off switch feels kinda cheap, but the rest of the laser was vary well built, nothing eles good laser vary bright and nice looking,

Other Thoughts: im getting more to resale, so i would suggest this laser over many others i have had, ive compaired it to ebay lasers and other laser, its the brightest 5mw ive ever had, i love it, and like i said if your savvy you could pot mod it to get more power out of it

New Wish 5mW Genuine Green Laser Pen (One CR2 Battery)Bottomline: awesome laser, am going to buy more for resale and personal fun, great to show off and be the envy of all who think it rocks, never shine it in anyones eyes could mess them up fast, vary bright, nice design i would recommend to anyone.

Pros: This pointer has a really nice solid feel to it and fits nicely into the hand. It comes with a CR2 battery, as well as a nice looking box. Also, the circuitry and an laser module are easily accessible (see below). The toggle switch is nice too, for those who don't want to hold down the button.

Cons: There seems to be some electrical connection problems at times, as the laser will sometimes cut-out. Also the lens was somewhat dirty, but I think after a small bit of cleaning it'll be nice and clear.

Other Thoughts: I actually bought this module to take apart for the module inside and for the casing. The laser is easily extracted by simply unscrewing it from the head, and it pops right out. I think the connection problems might be from the semi-corroded module body not conducting well with the body, but perhaps the problem was in the switch. Either way, the price got me a nice product and I can use the parts easily.

Bottomline: Pretty decent quality 5mW laser, with a really nice body, packaging, and easy to take apart. For this price I'm happy I got it.

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